who are we ?

We are a locally owned and operated pest control company.  We are focused on providing our customer with the top pest control treatments in the in the industry that is safe for families, children and pets.  Because we are locally owned and ensure all of our customers are treated like family and they receive the attention needed to perform every job.  We service homes, commercial buildings, stores, schools, apartment complexes, state buildings and many more with excellence in the memphis area. 

Pest Control For Homeowners

Here at Smith’s Pest control we treat your home like it is our home.  We know that your home is your safe place and we want to help it continue that way.  We offer quality home services for you at your home that ensure your home will be protected from the outside pests.



Free Inspection and Estimate 24/7 pest control

Exterior Perimeter Plus Treatment Protection

We treat the outside of your home too so that you and your family are protected from outside critters that want to invade your home.  We take joy in protecting your home from invaders.  The outside treatment that we treat with is totally safe for pets and children.  Our perimeter plus treatment will go around your entire building or home for protection until the next treatment day.

Interior Protection Treatment

We protect you and your family from pest inside too.  We treat the inside of your home with  a treatement process that is safe for dogs and kids.  We ensure that the areas such as corners, cabinets, windows and other areas are specifically treated where pest want be able to invade areas of your home where you family is relaxing.  




Reviews of Smith's Pest Control

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