Termite Treatment Coverage

Smith’s Pest Control is glad to serve your business, family and other buildings with our quality termite service.  We provide a variety of options with our termite services such as:  free termite inspections, termite liquid treatment, termite pre-treatments, termite bait treatment and termite inspection letters for real estate approvals.  Our termite services come with termite treatment warranties and coverage if you were to get termites after we treated.  We are licensed and insured to handle all of your termite needs.

Contact us at 9016142707 and one of our trained termite technicians will come out and give you a free termite treatment estimate. 

We provide termite coverage for Homes, Apartments, Hotels, Warehouses, Schools, Businesses, Restaurants, Golf Courses, Colleges, Spas-Beauty Supply Stores, Daycares, and Office Buildings.

We offer coverage protection for all of our termite treatments. We also offer yearly inspections with our termite treatment coverage. You have an option if you would like coverage or not with all of our termite treatments.

Our Termite Service has a different options and they include our tradition liquid perimeter and pot treatment for your home or business and our bait treatment. Our liquid treatment includes using the #1 liquid treatment on the market and that is Termidor. For our bait treatment we also use bait stations that termites prefer the stations over going to your home.

Installing bait stations


Termite Pre-Treatments


Liquid Termite Treatment


Termite Home Inspection Letters Wood Destroying Organism Letters


Termite Swarmers in a home
we treated

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